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«On me regarde, donc je suis » ou le traumatisme d’une ocularité héliotrope
dans The Bluest Eye de Toni Morrison
Université de Cocody-Abidjan

Abstract: Since the contemplative obsession of Pygmalion and Narcissus, we have come to understand that no one is indifferent to beauty per se, specifically when one lives in a society of spectacle. In this work, Toni Morrison shows that Pecola Breedlove goes through a social conditioning which misleads her into believing that being beautiful consists in being seen and looking like the Whites. All her life long, she strives for this ideal by trying to have blue eyes and a skin colour that conform to an aesthetic orthodoxy already set out without her knowing and against her race by the white majority. She does not understand that she goes through a labyrinth that will lead her astray, which is finally an invitation to learn anew how to look at ourselves.

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