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Pierre Bourdieu et l’Afrique Litteraire1. Essai  de sociologie du texte

David K. N’GORAN
Littérature générale et comparée
Université de Cocody-Abidjan

Abstract: Two great hermeneutic traditions structure reading: an “internalist” approach and an approach known as “externalist.”  In both cases, the interpretative schemas dwell on an axiomatic pretense which is related to the totality of these methods. Taking for granted that some visions of the world are connected to the textual sign, decoding, be it formalist or sociocritical, generally ends on the principle of militant ideologies or dogmatic belongings.                            

 Our analysis will try to call upon the theories of the symbolic field of Pierre Bourdieu, whose application to the African corpus, favored the comprehension of the conditions of textual “forms,” authorizing that the renewal of sociological production of which the text and its  author  bear their reason of being.


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